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Hunter Koike


Certifications: NASM-CPT (Personal trainer) NASM- CNC (nutrition coach)

Education: B.S Health and Wellness and Biology 

Back ground: D1 Track and Field Athlete: Decathlon, Sprints, and Hurdles

Awards: Scholar Athlete of the year, 6x All conference, Magna Cum Laude 

Specialties: Olympic lifts, Weight loss, Physique Master Kickbox Instructor

Hunter is an avid gym goer and inspiration to the Asheville community. He graduated from UNC Asheville where he competed in track and field at the division 1 level for 4 years. He led the team in overall conference points, team captain and 7x top 5 record holder. He was 6x all conference and received the teams first ever Scholar- Athlete award.

He lives and breathes fitness and nutrition and has helped hundreds of people in the Asheville area lose weight and gain confidence in their bodies. He believes fitness and nutrition is vastly over complicated and has created a system that allows ANYONE to succeed and sustain long term success in and out of the gym!

Shawn Grich/Manager



Master Kickbox Instructor

Shawn is a master trainer that exudes positivity and passion in everything he does. Weather you are a novice gym goer or a seasoned professional, Shawn will certainly give you everything he has to give you the best workout experience possible!

Shawn has worked with us for over 3 years and is a valuable member of the Asheville community. He has helped build the gym from the ground up (literally), and has had massive influence on hundreds of Asheville citizens. Shawn has helped inspire hundreds of community members lose weight and gain confidence in their bodies, and now he his ready to help you!